Virus Isolation and finding some calm

Unless otherwise noted, all the activities listed here are free. Last Updated April 24, 2020

Headspace – An app for helping with meditation, sleep, and movement exercises.

Enjoy the View:  Live camera feeds of beaches, forests and cities all over the world – with sound.  Personally, I love the Scottish shoreline one with the sound of the surf turned up.   Turn off the lights and take 5 minutes for yourself:

Live Web Cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (The Kelp forest is my favorite)

Live feed of a nest with owlets – no night vision, so only daylight watching

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes: Listen to the waves and don’t touch your mouse or keyboard for 2 minutes.

Livestream the Northern Lights – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Aerial America – The Smithsonian Channel has entirely aerial video shows for various parts of the US.

Good NewsJohn Krasinski is doing shows dedicated entirely to good news. When you need a break from The News, check this out.

New Good News for the Soul – StubHub of all places is posting good news stories.

Maker Videos

I can’t explain why watching these is so Zen, but it is

KatWise making coats

Jimmy Diresta – Wood & Metal working. Bizarrely soothing to watch