Virus Isolation and Free Training from Home

Last updated April 4, 2020

There are quite a few free online resources for skilling up or learning new skills entirely while we’re stuck at home.

Pluralsight – all their online technology classes are free for April 2020. If you want to learn software development, IT security or Dev Ops, here’s the place to start.

Google Training – Coursera has several free online google training classes. Google has a certification program where you can get certified entirely online.

Salesforce – This is a big software for managing customer contacts and tracking sales. All their training is online and it’s all free. They’ve game-ified their training modules and their writers keep it light and easy to follow.

Photography – All online Nikon classes are free for April 2020

Adobe Creative Cloud free for students during the Covid outbreak

Writing Courses – Clarion West is offering free online writing courses during the Covid outbreak

Open Culture – This is just everything free online.

  • Art history class of the the Italian Renaissance? They have that
  • Classic Mythology class? Got it
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety class? yep
  • International children’s online library? check
  • Go surf around. Its peak internet.

The Science of WellBeing from Yale – Free and online

Museum of Modern Art has made all their online art classes free

Egyptology classes online from Manchester University

JSTOR – An Online academic resource. There are  6,000 freely accessible ebooks and over 150 journals. There is paid content as well, but a great deal of the content is free. They’re working to expand the available content to make more materials accessible during the Covid outbreak.

10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online: Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology from Harvard, Charting the Avant-Garde: from Romanticism to Utopic Abstraction from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, etc.

Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology