Scythian Adventures

I just wanted some pretty pants OR Well that escalated quickly

Collage of metal working

  I had one of those moments where I look around and wonder how on earth I ended up at a table with a pile of books, bags with 5 colors of dyed wool, a 3lb wool coat with curling stags stitched on and a tin filled with red wax raven heads.  The iron made a wet clicking sound behind me reminding me I had a batch of wool cut outs ready to attach to a hidden backing so I could start stitching a set of fantastical beasts onto a cloak. 

Designing a scythian coat

Several years ago, I wanted garb that would be warm and comfortable and pretty.  Specifically, I wanted pants that would let me move around at events comfortably.  Picture now some enabling friends and I start learning about Scythians with their comfortable, warm clothing, penchant for bright colors, anamorphic shapes and shiny shiny metal bits affixed to their clothing.  ALL their clothing. Add in a tidbit which part of my savage soul found satisfying at 2,500 years of distance: in some of the tribes neither men nor women could marry until they’d killed an enemy in battle.  Eat your heart out Game of Thrones.

Dying wool collage

The pants were just that first project that got me hooked.  Now I’m down the rabbit hole so far that I occasionally rant at the professional inadequacies of archeologists who have been dead for more than a century. 

This area is filled with things I’m working on, things I’ve tried and tidbits that interested me along the way. Have some fun taking a look around.