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  • Scythians and Greeks : a survey of ancient history and archaeology on the north coast of the Euxine from the Danube to the Caucasus, 1913, Ellis Minns, Cambridge University Press
  • Frozen Tombs, The Culture and Art of the Ancient Tribes of Siberia, 1978, The Trustees of the British Museum, ISBN 071410096 8
  • Frozen Tombs of Siberia, The Payryk Burials of Iron-Age Horsemen, 1970, Sergei Rudenko, SBN 520013956
  • The Golden Deer of Eurasia – Scythian and Sarmatian Treasures from the Russian Steppes, 2001, Aruz & Farkas, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Scythian and Thracian Antiquities, 2002, Michael Vikers
  • From the Lands of the Scythians, Ancient Treasures from the Museums of the USSR 3000 BC – 100 BC, 1975, Piotrovsky, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Animal style art from East to West, 1970, Bunker, Chatwin & Farkas
  • The Ancient Civilization of Southern Siberia,
  • Art of the Steppes [The Art of the World Series], 1967, Jettmar
  • Art of the Migration Period, 1973, Laszlo, ISBN-10 : 0870242229
  • Scythian Gold, 1999, Reeder & Treister, ISBN-10 : 9780810944763
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  • The Gold of Troy : Searching for Homer’s Fabled City, 1987, Payne, ISBN-10 : 0810933942
  • Scythians and Greeks – Cultural interactions in Scythia, Athens and the Early Roman Empire (6th century BC – 1st century BC), 2005, Braund, ISBN-10 : 085989746X